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We have over a decade of experience in website design and development in the Ghanaian industry with a history of over 500 successful web development projects in Accra, Ghana. We develop custom websites that generate profit for your businesses

Sheeltech Ghana Limited was founded in 2010 and is a full-service website design company that specializes in custom web development, web applications development, ecommerce solutions and internet marketing.

With over 10 years experience in the website design business, our team of web designer and web developers have extensive knowledge in trending technologies and tools to build custom website at affordable price for your business. Our team adopts a “holistic” approach to Web Design and is based on balancing user-centered design and feedback with our own unique principals of branding, strategy and social media marketing.

It is our belief that a company’s website should be its biggest asset, and it is our number one goal to make that the case for you. We believe that our strategy, and above all our team, makes us the number one choice in Africa.

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